Tara Flippo is one of the names that first pops to mind when I think of AEE and social justice education.  Tara has been presenting on social justice topics for over 15 years at AEE conferences both in the NE region and at the International conference.  Tara’s presentation: Social Justice Education in 3D: Activities for Dialogue, Discussion and Discovery, focuses on putting the activity and action-based component back into social justice work.

When talking to Tara about her presentation and the “three D’s” she explained that she saw them as a sort of continuum of the learning experience from discussion to discovery.  “Discussion is sometimes the entry point,” Tara noted, “where we aren’t ruffling too many feathers and we’re talking about the subjects without getting too personal.”  Dialogue, she went on to explain, is about a more exploratory co-creational process where we are willing to have a conversation and not know exactly where we are going to end up.  In social justice work this can be deeply challenging or intimidating but also necessary for that last part of the continuum which is discovery.

When connecting with Tara what she thought of the theme of the conference this year being, “Social Justice: Creating Change” she said that it was very heartening to see social justice be put so front and center by the AEE community.  “Social justice has always been part of the AEE mission and value system, and it is also wonderful to have that focus and to be bringing attention to the importance of that goal with the theme.”  Tara continued that she’d like to see the AEE community continue to, “embrace and explore how we make and see social justice as being relevant and important to our work.”

Participants of Tara’s workshop at the conference can anticipate a lot of co-creational, interactive activities focused on exploration of social justice concepts and terms and increasing their own knowledge around how to do experiential education while maintaining a social justice lens. This workshop is open to all, no prior knowledge or experience with the subject is needed!

Learn more about Tara and her social justice work on her website – Social Change Training and Consulting and give her a like on Facebook!

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Author:  Meg Bolger – co-creator of The Safe Zone Project and co-author of the forthcoming Guide to Facilitation