DSC_6889After speaking with Megan Bolger about her upcoming workshop at the AEE International Conference in Portland I have to say I am incredibly excited to see all that she has to bring to the discussion around social justice and Experiential Education.

Megan Bolger is a social justice entrepreneur, co-creator of the Safe Zone Project, co-author of the forthcoming Guide to Facilitation, and founder of Pride for All. She is a passionate social justice educator, trainer, and facilitator who’s always on the move. A self-proclaimed Social Justice kid, Meg has been working for seven years facilitating and educating on issues related to gender, sexuality and social justice. In this workshop Meg and her co-presenter, Perry Cohen will share narrative research on how trans and or gender non-conforming (GNC) students navigate outdoor education programs; highlighting successes and challenges unique to this population.

What to expect in the workshop: Review research, vocabulary focusing on gender, sex, gender presentation and sexual orientation; talk about common practices that may exclude individuals; strategize ways to create inclusive hiring and supportive environments and ways to communicate support of GNC and Trans students to clients and parents.

What will you take away? That’s up to you! But you should expect to gain a higher level of preparedness when working with and supporting your trans and GNC participants and students.

Author: Caitlin Leahy, Association for Experiential Education