Today I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Kerry Whittaker, Marine Science teacher at Coastal Studies for Girls, in Freeport Maine, a semester long science and leadership school for 10th grade girls from high schools all over the country. In her session at the Symposium entitled “Experiencing Place and Mapping Experience with ArcGIS tools”, she is most excited about showing us what the ArcGIS tool can do to facilitate place based education.  Students in Kerry’s class use ArcGIS software to create maps not just to analyze data, but to also tell a story using prose, video, photos, and scientific data that the students have gathered while exploring coastal Maine. In her session, she will give attendees the tools and workflow for creating their own story map in ArcGIS.  The software has a mobile application component that you will use to go out and record an aspect of Thompson Island.  You will be able to add to your map from your mobile phone while you are “in the field” on Thompson Island, adding photo, video and/or text to your map.   Then she will show how we can pull all the data together to create a group story map in ArcGIS. Sounds like fun.  I’m looking forward to it.

Author: Sandy Keldsen, the Center for Team Learning at Boston University Questrom School of Business